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Six cops suspended after farmer lynched in Madhya Pradesh

Another shocking incident of mob lynching has come in lights, this time it was Dhar situated in Madhya Pradesh. A farmer was lynched and five others were injured in Madhya Pradesh by a mob over rumours of a gang of child-lifters being active in the area. Police officials have said that the reason behind the whole incident was a monetary dispute between the victims and labour contractors and that the contractors had spread child-lifting gang rumours. The mob also set a vehicle on fire. Src: https://bit.ly/2S1r5VI


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Kerala minister Dindigul Sreenivasan asked a tribal boy to remove his slippers

Recently the AIADMK minister Dindigul C Sreenivasan had asked two tribal boys to remove his slippers so that he could enter a temple at the inauguration of a rejuvenation camp for captive elephants, in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. The footage of this incident had also gone viral over the Internet in which, Srinivasan was heard saying, "Come here...come here. Remove my slippers." The boy was also reportedly asked to leave the slippers at the entrance of the temple. Src: https://bit.ly/3bgknmr

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I have made myself 'gaali-proof', says PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha

Recently Indian PM Narendra Modi has presented his views over him being immune to the abusing words in the Lok Sabha. Indian PM has said that he has made himself 'gaali-proof' after being abused for 20 years. Narendra Modi took a jibe at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and said that just like he has made himself 'gaali-proof' in 20 years, he will also strengthen his back in six months to receive blows from any stick. Src: https://bit.ly/3bqOZBU

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Women could be given command posts in Army if govt changes its mindset, says SC

Recently the Supreme Court has said that if the government changes its mindset then women officers could be given command posts in the Army. Taking its views over the matter, SC said that it is high time it should be implemented. Earlier on Tuesday, Centre had told the SC that women aren't suitable for commanding posts as male troops aren't prepared yet to accept women officers. Src: https://bit.ly/39cNSnd

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