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J&K: Grenade attack in Srinagar, five injured

Recently, in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, a grenade attack occurred by suspected militants which injured at least five people. According to media reports, the police tweeted that the militants threw a grenade in a market in Hari Singh High Street which is a few hundred meters away from the city’s centre Lal Chowk. They also added that the area has been put under cordon and a search operation is underway at Hari Singh High Street in Srinagar following the grenade attack. Police informed that those who were injured are in stable condition and no major injuries occurred Src: https://bit.ly/2M7s6bY


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Russia’s Alexei Leonov, first man to walk in space dies.

The first man who could carried out a spacewalk in 1965, Russia veteran cosmonaut Alexei Leonov died at the age of 85 at Moscow. Leonov had made history with a 12-minute spacewalk, According to media reports, The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos announced his death on a website saying it was saddened to announce the death of "cosmonaut No 11" who was twice decorated with the country's top honour, the Hero of the Soviet Union. Spacewalk is a period of physical activity engaged in by an astronaut in space outside a spacecraft. Src: https://bit.ly/31aWOFn


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Delhi: Ex-Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’ son blames Cong leader for mother's death

Recently, Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s son Sandeep Dikshit wrote a letter to All India Congress Committee in-charge P. C. Chacko, where Dixit had accused Chacko of his mother’ death saying Chacko had given her mental agony in her last days by the decision to stay Dikhshit’s announcement of dissolution of 280 block-level committees in June which led her sudden demise. Meanwhile, Chacko stated that Mr Dikshit was using his mother’s death to play politics. Src: https://bit.ly/33ryPmV

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Transman pilot gets Kerala govt’s support to conquer his dreams

Adam Harry, a 20-yr-old transman, who fought to fit in the society due to his sexuality didn’t give up on dreams to fly. Harry is all set to fly as a commercial pilot and to support his dream, Kerala govt sanctioned Rs 23 lakh for his studies. Adam Harry originally belongs to a conservative Muslim family from Thrissur and was forced to leave India due to the family's torcher. He became the first transman private pilot of India two years ago. Harry is all gratitude towards the state Social Justice Department and its secretary Biju Prabhakar for understanding his struggles and helping him in realizing his dream. He is planning to join the Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Studies here for the three-year studies and training to get a commercial pilot license. Do you think the social stigma related to gender and sexuality needs to be curbed out? What's your view? Comment below! Src: https://bit.ly/2pcqogq

Kudos to @KeralaGovt