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Ireland: Indian restaurant fined for refusing to serve Indian man

In Ireland's Dublin city, an Indian restaurant, Ravi's Kitchen has been ordered by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) to pay a fine of nearly Rs 2.38 lakh to a customer for refusing to serve him food as he was an Indian. The WRC judge, Marie Flynn, during the hearing stated that based on the victim's uncontested evidence, that the customer had been discriminated against based on race, contrary to the Equal Status Acts. Flynn added, "I find therefore that the complaint has established a prima facie case of discriminatory treatment on the race ground". Src: https://bit.ly/2HomUxt

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In 21st century, INFRA means IN (India) + FRA (France): PM Modi in Paris

In France capital city Paris, PM Narendra Modi, while addressing the Indian community, stated, "Today in 21st century, we talk of INFRA. For me, it's IN (India)+FRA (France), which means the alliance between India and France". Modi further said that the INFRA (India-France) alliance is robust. "Together we will boost solar infra, social infra, technical infra, and more!" He included. According to the media reports, PM Modi is on a three-nation visit. Src: https://bit.ly/321w8ry

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Cyberabad: Police nab techie for blackmailing 600 girls using 'nudes'

In Hyderabad's Cyberabad city, a Chennai-based techie has been arrested for allegedly blackmailing around 600 women from across 16 states. The accused has been identified as Clement Raj Chezhiyan alias Pradeep. As per the complaint, a local woman accused Pradeep of blackmailing her for money by using her private pictures as leverage. Later, Pradeep also confessed to duping around 600 women from across 16 states by using their nudes picture and videos as leverage. The police stated that the accused had set up fake HR office at his home and use a different phone number on WhatsApp and ask girls to share their nude picture by claiming that the employers are looking for people with attractive body. Src: https://bit.ly/2Zb4tHz

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Is it high time to review Caste-based Reservation system in India?

The Reservation system in India has always been debated. Being a second-most populous and diversified country, India always faced a tussle between crowd who support Reservation & those against it. The reason why reservations came in existence was the country’s rigid caste-based hierarchal structures and social injustices on lower caste people. And in older times where higher caste people enjoyed most of the benefits, the lower caste people were looked down upon which capped their growth and development- socially, economically and educationally. But the question here to ask is; does the atmosphere of caste based discrimination still exists? And should the reservation to SC/ST/OBC still be given or a chance of equal opportunities should be served in jobs and education for all? Presently quota in India for Government jobs are as follows- ST-7.5%, SC-15 %, OBC-27%, EWS-10% which sums up to 59.50%. Almost 50% caste-based reservation, how fair are we with candidates of an unreserved category? Few months ago in January, the government came up with 10% reservation in government jobs and education under the name Economically Weaker Section Reservation for those who come under the unreserved category and are poor. Do you think the government should repeal caste-based reservation and instead increase the percentage of EWS quota to boost-up growth of underprivileged in India? What's your take? #ReservationinIndia #Castebasedquota #EWS #opinionarticle #istandwith

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