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"Neglecting to poll his vote demonstrate his mentality towards democracy" - Shivraj Singh Chouhan slams Digvijay Singh for not voting

Shivraj Singh Chouhan said "Digvijay Singh behaved in a weird way. He was so panicked that he did not go to cast his vote. Voting is our supreme duty in a democracy. For a person, who was the CM for 10 years, neglecting to poll his votes demonstrates his mentality towards democracy."

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"What is the reason that you are not feeling the pain of the Alwar women?" - PM Modi asks Mayawati

PM Modi said "The Rajasthan government is running with the support of Behen Ji (Mayawati) and if she cares for Dalits, she should immediately pull back support to the government by writing to the governor. Bahenji, you should reply, for what reason didn't you pull back the support to the Congress government after a Dalit daughter was gang-raped in the state? What is the reason that you are not feeling the pain of the Alwar women?"

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"CEC to improve the election process" - Sunil Arora

Chief election commissioner Sunil Arora said that the EC was never dissuaded by sceptics and critics and its goal was to continue gaining from experiences of the past for necessary course corrections in the future.

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"Will remove Article 370 from J&K if voted to power at the Centre" - Amit Shah

Amit Shah questioned the Congress over the uprooting of Kashmiri Pandits during its regime. Omar Abdullah wants to have a separate PM for J&K, but Rahul baba and his company are quiet over this only for the vote. By doing this, they are keeping national security at stake. Congress wants to isolate Kashmir from India, but BJP workers won't let this occur, whether the party is in power or not."

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