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Indradip Hajra doesn't stand with @amitshah @IndradipHajra 25 Apr 2019 At 12:14 AM

Begusarai has a responsibility to defeat ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’: Amit Shah attacks CPI’s Kanhaiya Kumar.

BJP President Amit Shah, while delivering a public speech in Begusara lashed out at CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar by urging voters in Begusarai to defeat alleged separatist and CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar. Amit said, “Development and Welfare of Poor people is an issue in this election but voters of Begusarai have an additional responsibility to defeat the Tukde Tukde Gang here”.

I stand with @amitshah

I stand with @amitshah

106 votes

I don’t

32 votes

Indradip Hajra stand with @salmankhurshid @IndradipHajra 25 Apr 2019 At 12:15 AM

Will thrash the one who would come in between my fight wlth Modi: Senior Congress leader.

Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid while addressing a rally in Farrukhabad lashed out at opponents by stating that he would smash the one who comes in between his fight with PM Modi. Khurshid said, “I am announcing here anyone who comes in the way of my fight with Modi, whether they are from the Mahaghatbandhan or BSP will be smashed to bits”.

I stand with @salmankhurshid

I stand with @salmankhurshid

26 votes

I don’t

80 votes

Indradip Hajra doesn't stand with @shivrajsinghchouhan @IndradipHajra 25 Apr 2019 At 12:15 AM

Shivraj Singh Chouhan threatens collector after being denied to land a chopper.

BJP leader and Former CM of MP, Shivraj Singh Chouhan got upset after he was denied to land his helicopter. The leader threatened the Chhindwara Collector by saying, “See what happens, once I am voted back to power again”. The BJP leader’s chopper was scheduled to land around 5.30 PM but he was told to land before 5pm, issue erupted over the same matter.

I stand with @shivrajsinghchouhan

74 votes

I don’t

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Indradip Hajra doesn't stand with @amitshah @IndradipHajra 25 Apr 2019 At 12:15 AM

AFSPA can never be scrapped even if another Gandhi comes after Rahul: Amit Shah

BJP President Amit Shah while addressing a rally in Bihar attacked Congress over latter’s promise to amend AFSPA in Manifesto. Amit said, “Congress told in its Manifesto that they will amend AFSPA so that cases can be filed against Army men. Should AFSPA be repealed?”. “AFSPA will never be repealed Rahul baba in your whole life and not even next generation of Gandhi”, he added.

I stand with @amitshah

I stand with @amitshah

91 votes

I don’t

28 votes