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An abandoned lake revived due to PM Modi and China president Xi Jinping meet

In Tamil Nadu's Mahabalipuram district, an abandoned lake has been restored and cleaned due to the arrival of China President Xi Jinping. The Koneri lake is located behind the Light House and the ancient monument complex that contain Krishna's Butter Ball, a huge rock shaped like a ball whose balanced positioning is considered a wonder of physics. Over the last two decades, the lake has become shallow and despite being located close to Krishna's Butter Ball, there were no tourist activities at the lake. The Koneri lake is one of the last freshwater bodies left at Mahabalipuram. Src: https://bit.ly/2pgXHPe

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Chennai: Welcome gate of Mahabalipuram decorated with 18 types of fruits and vegetables to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping

For welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping, 200 staff members and trainees of the Department of Horticulture had decorated the gate in Mahabalipuram, a coastal town about 56 km south of Chennai with eighteen types of vegetables and fruits. According to media reports, Additional Director, Department of Horticulture stated that Most of the vegetables used for decoration of the gate are organic and they have been directly brought from the farms across the state. The informal summit between PM Modi and Xi Jinping is scheduled on Oct 11-12. Src: https://bit.ly/2Vw8tg

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Mumbai: Mumbai Police finds stolen money of a professor lost at local train after 20 years

An unusual incident occurred when a Colaba resident of Mumbai and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)Professor who is identified as Sudipta Meti got back his stolen money which was stolen in Mumbai local train 20 years ago. According to media reports, when Thane police called him to inform that his money had been found, Meti initially thought its a prank and then later believed when Police Naik M Birajdar reached Meti’s doorstep with a cheque of Rs 2,000 bearing his name. Src:https://bit.ly/2MArs5G

Pak Army spokesperson Asif Ghafoor defends Rajnath Singh over Shastra Puja row

Pakistan Army spokesperson Asif Ghafoor has defended Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh who received a lot of criticism on social media and also from Congress party for performing 'Shastra Puja' after receiving the first Rafale jet in France. Asif on his Twitter handle stated, "Nothing wrong in #RafalePuja as it goes by the religion and that must be respected. Please remember...it's not the machine alone which matters but competence, passion & resolve of the men handling that machine. Proud of our PAF Shaheens". Src: https://bit.ly/2VyDrEQ

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