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Govind doesn't stand with @shatrughansinha @Govi 18 May 2019 At 11:58 AM

"The BJP would be washed out in Uttar Pradesh and in other Hindi heartlands" - Shatrughan Sinha

Sitting MP of Patna Sahib and Congress candidate Shatrughan Sinha said that due to the misery rained on the people owing to faulty execution of the GST, demonetisation and revengeful politics resorted to by the BJP-led government against the political rivals, the BJP would be washed out in Uttar Pradesh and in other Hindi heartlands. Sinha, further added that the internal democracy in the BJP has turned into autocracy. It has become a one-man show and too many armies.

I stand with @shatrughansinha

I stand with @shatrughansinha

52 votes

I don’t

113 votes

Govind voted "I stand with Gautam Gambhir" @Govi 18 May 2019 At 11:56 AM

Where do you stand on the allegation made by AAP on Gautam Gambhir over derogatory posters?

BJP's candidate Gautam Gambhir send a defamation notice to Atishi over the allegation by her that Gautam Gambhir had distributed lakhs of pamphlets that questioned her morals and were full of very objectionable and deeply offensive remarks about her in the constituency.

I stand with Gautam Gambhir


I stand with Atishi


Govind voted "@narendramodi" @Govi 18 May 2019 At 11:56 AM

Whom do you want to see as the Prime Minister of India in 2019?

Will it be Raga or Modi? Share this poll in your circle and know their views.

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