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Indian Railways hikes fare, new rates effective from January 1

The Indian Railways has announced a fare hike across the country, excluding suburban trains, effective from January 1, 2020. As per an order issued by the railways, suburban fares will remain the same but normal non-AC, non-suburban fares have been hiked by 1 paise per km of journey. The railways have also announced a two paise/km hike in fares of mail/express non-AC trains and four paise/km hike in the fairs of AC classes. Premium trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto trains are included in the fare hike. The order included that there won’t be any change in the reservation fee and superfast charge and the hike in fare won’t be applicable to tickets previously booked. Src: https://bit.ly/37rTw4c

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25-yr-old man accidentally shot himself on foot while flaunting pistol to a woman in Delhi

In Tilak Nagar of New Delhi, a 25-year-old Sonu Sharma accidentally shot himself in the foot when he was trying to flaunt pistol to his friend Megha. Later, which he made up a story that someone shot him. However, Megha claimed that Sonu was drunk when the incident occurred. The police have registered a case and arrested Sonu and his friend Manoj for landing pistol to him https://bit.ly/39EbGSe


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Phone snatcher murdered by victim’s brother during scuffle in Bengaluru

Recently a 34-year-old man identified as Mohammed Irshad, who stole a mobile phone from a teenager was allegedly beaten to death by the latter's brother along with another man in the Bharathinagar area situated in Bengaluru. As per the media reports, the deceased Mohammed Irshad tried to snatch the phone of accused Mani’s little brother’s brother Nelson's phone. After that incident, Mani along with another person killed Irshad. Src: https://bit.ly/2FezBJG


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Mumbai Special court gives permission to banks to liquidate Vijay Mallya’s seized assets

According to media reports, Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court in Mumbai has allowed banks that had lent money to Vijay Mallya to utilize the seized assets. The court said the ruling has been stayed till January 18, until which the parties affected by the order could appeal to the Bombay High Court. Last month, a consortium of Indian banks petitioned a London court for ex-billionaire Vijay Mallya to be declared bankrupt over INR 9,000 crore of unpaid debts. Mallya had fled India in March 2016 and has been living in the United Kingdom since then. Src: https://bit.ly/2SJRJn0

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