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Garbit Baisakhiya doesn't stand with @urmilamatondkar @GarbitBaisakhiya 16 Apr 2019 At 01:47 AM

"This is just the beginning and may take a violent turn" - Urmila Matondkar seeks police protection.

Actor-turned-politician Urmila Matondkar approached police for protection after a clash between Congress and BJP supporters during her poll campaign in North Mumbai. Matondkar said that she has lodged the police complaint about her safety and was shocked by the "blatant violation" of model code of conduct by the workers of the ruling party and blamed the BJP for "creating fear". She further added that "Those who confronted our rally indulged in vulgar dancing and used abusive language. Maybe they wanted to scare the women who were walking near us".

I stand with @urmilamatondkar

I stand with @urmilamatondkar

31 votes

I don’t

247 votes

Garbit Baisakhiya doesn't stand with @telugudesamparty @GarbitBaisakhiya 16 Apr 2019 At 01:48 AM

"The making of name plate for Jagan as the next chief minister is "height of madness" - Telugu Desam Party

Some overenthusiastic fans of YSR Congress party president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy seem to have taken the party's victory for granted in the Andhra Pradesh assembly polls. A photograph of a nameplate depicting the YSRC president as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has been doing rounds in the social media for the last two days. TDP described the making of the nameplate for Jagan Mohan Reddy as the next CM as "height of madness" and said it clearly established how the YSRC president was obsessed with power.

I stand with @telugudesamparty

I stand with @telugudesamparty

16 votes

I don’t

156 votes

Garbit Baisakhiya doesn't stand with @arvindkejriwal @GarbitBaisakhiya 16 Apr 2019 At 01:48 AM

"Your comment shows that you don't really desire an alliance" - Kejriwal replied to Gandhi on twitter.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that a tie-up between the two parties would rout the BJP and offered four of Delhi's seven Lok Sabha seats to the AAP to ensure this. But, Mr Kejriwal has done yet another U-turn! And further added that "Our doors are still open, but the clock is running out". Kejriwal quickly responded to Rahul Gandhi's tweet and said that there was no U-turn as talks are still on and said that "Your comment shows that you don't really desire an alliance".

I stand with @arvindkejriwal

I stand with @arvindkejriwal

30 votes

I don’t

187 votes

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Garbit Baisakhiya stand with @murlimanoharjoshi @GarbitBaisakhiya 16 Apr 2019 At 01:48 AM

"The fake letter, addressed to another party veteran L K Advani, has been in circulation for last few days" - Murli Manohar Joshi asks Election Commission to look into matter.

Veteran BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi has sought an inquiry by the Election Commission into a fake letter being circulated in his name on social media and critical of the party's leadership and Lok Sabha poll prospects. Joshi said that "My friends in media called me up and told me that a letter addressed by me to L K Advani has been circulated on social media and I have read the contents of it and I am attaching them with this letter. And further said that I have not sent any such letter to Advani Ji. Kindly, immediately look into the matter and find the source of the letter, through which it came to social media".

I stand with @murlimanoharjoshi

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I don’t

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