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Made up my mind to resign as Congress Chief: Rahul Gandhi at CPP meet

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, at a Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) gathering over and over, stood unshakable on his decision to resign as party president. Congress MPs Shashi Tharoor and Manish Tewari asked Rahul to proceed to lead Congress. They stated that the burden of Congress' Lok Sabha results couldn't be blamed to just one person. Yet, Rahul said that he has made up his mind. Src: https://bit.ly/2IOruGr

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Naidu's 10 Cr hall demolished overnight on AP CM Jagan's order

Former CM N Chandrababu Naidu's Rs 10 Cr conference hall "Praja Vedika" which was built by Naidu's government has been demolished by the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy-led Andhra Pradesh government. As per the sources, a PIL seeking a stay on the demolition was dismissed by the Andhra Pradesh High Court. According to the Court's officials, there was no purpose behind the demolition to be ceased as the applicant himself acknowledged it was an illegal structure. Src: https://bit.ly/2XyWWAH

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PM Modi appoints Balakot Air Strike planner Samant Goel as a new RAW Chief

One of the Chief strategists of the recent Balakot air strike, Samant Goel has been appointed as the head of India's foreign intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). PM Narendra Modi made the appointment, who also acts as the chairman of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet. Samant Goel is an IPS officer from the 1984 batch of the Punjab cadre. He was likewise associated with dealing with Punjab militancy at its peak in the 1990s. Src: https://bit.ly/2IMmr9n

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Rahul Gandhi should reconsider his decision to resign: Youth Congress

Outside the residence of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Youth Congress workers held a show convincing him to reconsider his decision to resign and proceed as the party President. Youth Congress leader, Ashok Chandna said, "Winning or losing elections is a part of politics. Rahul Gandhi has resisted with sincerity and challenged the money power and propagandist of the ruling party." Another Youth Congress leader stated, "From the entire country, the Youth Congress leaders have converged and are having only one sentiment that Rahul Gandhi should lead us. We urge him to reconsider his decision to resign." Src: https://bit.ly/2X9AsqE

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