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Emancipation Solace stand with @RamMadhav @EmancipationSolace 16 Sep 2019 At 12:25 PM

Article 370 history now, will see normalcy in J&K soon: Ram Madhav

Recently the BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav has presented his views regarding Article 370 and India’s newest territories, J&K. Ram Madhav in his words said that "Article 370 is history now in Jammu and Kashmir, very soon we will see normalcy returning to Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir." Taking his views further he mentioned, "things will normalise, fruits of development will reach people." Src: https://bit.ly/2lSJXbV

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Emancipation Solace doesn't stand with @MalalaYousafzai @EmancipationSolace 16 Sep 2019 At 10:07 AM

Malala urges UN to intervene in Kashmir, gets criticised

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and Pak education rights activist Malala Yousafzai has recently shared her concerns regarding India’s newest territories J&K. She took the matter to Twitter and said, “she was deeply concerned about reports that Kashmiri students have not been able to attend schools for more than 40 days, and about girls who are afraid to leave their homes”. She also said, “I am asking leaders, at UNGA and beyond, to work towards peace in Kashmir, listen to Kashmiri voices and help children go safely back to school.” Due to her this comment She was criticized a lot. Src: https://bit.ly/2mj0Tsp

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Emancipation Solace reacted Sad @EmancipationSolace 16 Sep 2019 At 12:28 PM

India vs SA 1st T20I: Match has been abandoned due to consistent Rain

The 1st T20I against South Africa has been abandoned without bowling a single ball. The reason behind this is consistent rain at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. The umpire has declared their decision without even tossing the coin. The 2nd match against SA will be played on 18th of this month.


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Emancipation Solace voted "No, it's illogical" @EmancipationSolace 12 Sep 2019 At 09:48 PM

Do you think Millennials (Youth) using Ola/Uber to commute are the reason behind downfall of the Automobile sector in India?

Recently Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tried to give an explanation about the decline in sales of two-wheelers and three-wheelers in India. She tweeted that the automobile industry is affected because of the mindsets of millennials who prefer to use Ola and Uber to commute rather than buying a car or scooter. Do you think her explanation is valid? Or is it totally absurd? What are your views? Comment below!

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