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‘Chowkidaar Mehbooba Mufti’? Omar Abdullah takes jibe at Mufti for her ‘Chowkidaari’ statement.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah took dig at political rival & PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti, who while campaigning for PDP said, “I did Chowkidaari for you, I saved you from clutches of Ikhwan, why are your spirits not high? Omar jokingly asked on Twitter, "Chowkidaar Mehbooba Mufti"? Not the best choice of words under the current circumstances".

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"PM Modi failed to fulfill promises" - Rahul Gandhi

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi coming down heavily on PM Narendra Modi by saying that he has "failed" to fulfil the promises made during the last five years. He further said that "The promises Modi has given you have not fulfilled, but Anil Ambani got Rs 30,000 crores in Rafale deal. Gandhi then charged by saying that "The PM is speaking on nationalism and he gave the biggest defence deal to a person who has not made a single aircraft".

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No competition with a person who shows no decency: Congress’s Raj Babbar slams Guddu Pandit.

Congress leader Raj Babbar slammed BSP’s Guddu Pandit stating that there is no competition with a person who has ‘no decency’. A hit back was given by Babbar after Pandit threatened to ‘thrash’ Babbar and his supporters if they convey misinformation to the public. Babbar added that he has no comments for Guddu Pandit who can not mind his own language.

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"If the Congress is voted to power, it will not hike the income tax rates to fund the minimum income guarantee scheme" - Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that PM Narendra Modi is misleading the middle class over his party's poll promise of providing cash support to the poor families. Addressing a rally Gandhi said that "Mr Narendra Modi says that the money for the NYAY scheme is going to come from the middle class. But I want to make it clear to the middle class of Kerala and the country that you are the engine of India's growth. We are not going to take a single rupee from the pocket of the middle class. The income tax will not be raised at all".

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