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Devesh Rai stand with @NarendraModi @DeveshRai 01 May 2019 At 05:56 PM

"Terror factories running in the neighborhood are waiting for a weak government here" - PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday said, "This is a new India which will strike terrorists in their den, within the border and outside it". Recalling the blasts across Sri Lanka, Modi said, "We saw what happened in Sri Lanka. The same situation prevailed in our country before 2014. Can we forget the blast in Ayodhya? There were terrorist attacks on a daily basis". Modi further asserted, that in the past five years, news of such blast has stopped. But warned and said "This doesn't mean terrorism has stopped. Terrorism factories are running in our neighbourhood. It is an industry there and it is their business. They are waiting for a weak government. They are waiting for a chance".

I stand with @NarendraModi

I stand with @NarendraModi

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I don’t

57 votes

Devesh Rai stand with @electioncommission @DeveshRai 01 May 2019 At 05:57 PM

EC Rejects nomination of Ex- BSF Tej Bahadur Yadav from Varanasi.

The Election Commission of India rejected the nomination of SP party candidate and Ex- BSF jawaan Tej Bahadur. His rejection was done after EC found a discrepancy in his affidavit. Bahadur said he will challenge EC in Supreme Court and claimed that he had submitted all the evidence in a given time.

I stand with @electioncommission

73 votes

I don’t

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Devesh Rai doesn't stand with @RahulGandhi @DeveshRai 01 May 2019 At 05:57 PM

"NYAY scheme an answer to the wrong policies of the BJP government" - Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said "Demonetisation and GST together annihilated the country's economy. The NYAY Scheme of the Congress is the only answer to the poor people affected by the wrong policies of the BJP". He further said, "Modi Ji favoured a group of 15 people by giving them Rs 5,55,000 crore but the Congress will take this amount back from them and use it for benefitting 25 crore poor families of this country". Gandhi further stated, "Our PM helped Anil Ambani by giving him the contract of Rafale and in turn cheated the country".

I stand with @RahulGandhi

I stand with @RahulGandhi

66 votes

I don’t

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Devesh Rai doesn't stand with @omarabdullah @DeveshRai 01 May 2019 At 05:57 PM

"Articles 370 and 35-A important for ensuring a safe and secure future for the younger generation of Jammu and Kashmir" - Omar Abdullah

NC leader Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said "The illustrious land-to-tiller stride made by Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah which made the poor peasantry of our state the rightful owners of the land which they worked upon was only possible due to Article 370 and Article 35-A". He further said, "Our people would eventually cease to be the rightful owners of their land, they would cease to be the sole beneficiaries of various scholarship programs and jobs offered in the government". He added "you won't be able to draw sustenance from forests. When we talk of saving Article 370 and Article 35-A, we are talking about our future, our very existence. So it is imperative for you to strengthen the hands of NC candidate for Anantnag constituency Hasnain Masoodi".

I stand with @omarabdullah

I stand with @omarabdullah

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I don’t

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