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Six Muslims handed one-month jail sentence for skipping prayers

In recent media reports, it was claimed that Malaysian Muslims were awarded a harsh punishment for violating Islamic laws by not attending Friday prayers. And due to this, a group of 6 people will face a one-month jail term. The six men, aged between 17 to 35, were having a picnic with their families instead of taking part in prayers on a Friday, which is considered as the holiest day of the week for Muslims. Do you think it was too severe punishment? Src: https://bit.ly/2LshN1r


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India to force social media platforms to offer user verification

As per India's proposed new privacy bill, it was claimed that it might be required for large social media platforms to offer an identify-verification option. Companies would have to offer a mechanism for users to prove their identities and display that the person’s profile is verified. This would be similar to the blue check-mark that Twitter and some other social media platforms have used to confirm the authenticity of some high-profile accounts. Src: https://bit.ly/33U1FvV

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Students hold protests against copy cases in govt clerk recruitment exam in Gujarat

Students of Gujarat conducted massive protests against the irregularities in the recently conducted recruitment exam for non-secretariat clerks and secretariat assistants in the state. On 17th November, the GSSSB conducted the exam for recruitment of class III secretariat assistants and non-secretariat clerks for 3,910 vacancies, in which more than six lakh students appeared at 3,173 centres across the state. The complaints included CCTV footage of candidates copying answers from their mobiles. The probe is underway and arrests had also been made but ruled out the cancellation of the exam and retest. Src: https://bit.ly/34W4cqW

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220 corrupt employees, including 96 senior officials, took forced retirement

Recently the government has informed the Rajya Sabha that as many as 222 corrupt government employees including 96 senior officials were handed the premature retirement in the last five years. The stats were ranging from July 2014 to October 2019 which informed that 96 Group 'A' officers and 126 Group 'B' officers of different ministries and departments were allocated premature retirement. Src: https://bit.ly/2rZnz3F

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