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Burglar breaks into apartment for robbery in Sweden, owner detained by the police

A very shocking incident came in light from Malmo, Sweden where a burglar with a gun broke into an apartment of a building to attempt robbery but the apartment owner was detained by the police. After entering the apartment, the perpetrator placed his gun in the mouth of a 7-year old child. The apartment’s owner came rushing to the spot and hit the intruder so hard that he lost his consciousness and received serious injuries on his head. After the incident, the apartment owner was arrested by the police and the intruder was sent to the hospital. Src: https://bit.ly/2YB4K39


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Police in US arrest a man for threatening a cabby to get free ride

The Police in Miami, US arrested a man named Alexis Enrique Hurtado after he allegedly threatened a cabby to get a free ride. The cab driver took two passengers including Hurtado but stopped the cab to deboard them, on suspicion that they weren’t the right customers. Hurtado threatened him that he will shoot him if he didn’t drive the car. The driver drove the cab further until he saw a police van on the road. He then got off from the car and ran towards the police van Hurtado followed him but was held when a bystander informed the police. Src: https://bit.ly/2PeQcmR


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Gay couple from Kerala says gay weddings are perfectly normal after photoshoot goes viral

A gay couple from Kerala decided to have pre-wedding photoshoots in two settings, one in their house with their pet dogs and guinea pigs and the other in the outdoor setting. The couple posted the images of the photoshoot online after which the images went viral with lots of appreciation from people. As per the two men Nived Antony Chullickal and Abdul Rehim, the motive behind the photoshoot and posting the images online was to give a message to people that gay weddings are like any other wedding and are perfectly normal. Src: https://bit.ly/2PE9xwJ


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Citizenship Amendment Bill passes in the Rajya Sabha amid strong oppositions

After a day-long debate on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill of 2019, the Rajya Sabha saw the passage of the bill with 125 ayes to 105 noes on Wednesday. The bill was tabled in Rajya Sabha by Home Minister Amit Shah after it got a passage in Lok Sabha on Tuesday. The bill saw the opposition from many parties on the basis that the bill is against the basic idea of secularism in the constitution. Shah also sought to subdue the allegations from the opposition by saying that the bill will have no implications on the Indian Muslims. Src: https://bit.ly/2LJRp33

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