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"Modi is and will remain the PM" - Ram Vilas Paswan slams Mayawati

Hitting out at Mayawati, who claimed that PM Modi was not born in a backward caste, Ram Vilas Paswan replied "Mayawati was a CM and she should know about it. Her claim only exposes her ignorance about the Constitution. Modi is and will remain PM. Instead of him, she should be concerned about her fate."

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"Did not violate model code" - Rahul Gandhi responds to EC show cause notice

Rahul Gandhi responded by saying to the EC that he had no intention of misleading the people by stating unverified facts. This was on the reference on responding to the show cause notice, "Gandhi is learnt to have told the poll panel that he had tried to summarise a proposed amendment to the Indian Forest Act in a simple language during a political speech."

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"Modi is a "Chor" - EC issues notice to Navjot Singh Sidhu for remarks against PM Modi

The EC notice to Navjot Singh Sidhu mentioned that "Sidhu had called Modi 'chor' in the speeches violated Para 2 and Part 1 of model code of conduct as the criticism is based on unverified allegations."

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"What Sam Pitroda said is not appreciated. He must apologise for his remark." - Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said "I think justice has to be done. The people who were in charge of the 1984 tragedy have to be rebuffed. The former PM apologised. My mother apologised. We all have made our position very clear that 1984 was a terrible disaster and should never have happened. What Sam Pitroda said is absolute and completely out of line and is not appreciated. I will impart this to him directly. He must apologise for his remark."

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