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"Vajpayee wanted Modi to resign in 2002, but Advani withheld the decision" - Yashwant Sinha

Yashwant Singh said "After the communal riots in Gujarat Atal Bihari Vajpayee had decided that then-state CM Modi should resign. While going to the national executive meeting in Goa in 2002, Atalji had made up his mind that the Gujarat government would be dismissed if Modi Ji refused to resign. Advani Ji had opposed dismissing the Modi government and he told Atal Ji that if Modi Ji is dismissed then he (Advani) would resign from the government. So, he withheld the decision and Modi Ji continued."

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"Congress advices all leaders after Sam Pitroda's 1984 remark" - Congress asks leaders to be sensitive

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surajwala said "Violence and riots are unacceptable and indefensible in our society. Any opinion or remark made by any individual to the contrary, including Sam Pitroda, is not the opinion of the Congress party. We advise all leaders to be cautious and sensitive.

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"I said hogaya to hogaya, I actually meant that hogaya to bura hua" - Sam Pitroda denies making controversial statement on Sikh riots

Sam Pitroda said "Becuase my Hindi is not that great, I said hogaya to hogaya and from this, I actually meant that hogaya to bura hua...kisi ne dhyan nahi diya. I want to clarify that this has been blown out of proportion. Talk about Rajiv Gandhi and bringing him in the picture at this stage is just too low but BJP has been doing this."

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"PM Modi as Mahishasura." - TDP reacts on Chandrababu Naidu's statement

The Telugu Desam Party said "Naidu has deeply criticised PM Modi again, this time from West Bengal soil. He described PM Modi as Mahishasura and Mamata Banerjee as Bengal Durga." The party said: "He said Bengal Durga has to defeat Mahishasura (Modi) in Delhi to bring peace and prosperity to the country."

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