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’Love will win’, Rahul Gandhi jibes Narendra Modi after casting vote

Congress President Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at Modi by saying that PM Modi used ‘hate’ in Campaigning to garner votes while Congress used ‘love’. Rahul after casting vote in New Delhi’s Aurangabad Lane, said ‘Love will win’. “Narendra Modi used hatred, while we used love”, he said.

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Fire breaks out in New Delhi-Bhubhaneshwar Rajdhani express; no casualties reported

A fire broke out in the power car of New Delhi-Bhubhaneshwar Rajdhani Express near Khantapada in Odisha on Saturday. No losses or harmed have been accounted for up till now. The fire was brought under control by the team of Odisha Fire and Disaster Response Academy. As a safety measure, the generator car was segregated from the train.


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Leopard attacks 4 in Bahraich, captured and released into Dudhwa Park.

In Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, A leopard, which strayed into a house on Friday, evidently looking for water, was caught by forest department authorities and discharged into the Dudhwa National Park. 4 individuals were additionally harmed after the leopard attacked them.


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IAF receives first Apache attack helicopter in US

The Indian Air Force on Friday received its first Apache Guardian attack helicopter at a Boeing production facility in Arizona, United States. The first batch of these helicopters is scheduled to be shipped by July this year. The helicopter can transmit and get combat zone pictures to and from the weapon frameworks through information organizing making it a cowhide obtaining. These helicopters will give a huge edge in any future joint tasks in help of land powers.