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PM Modi gets trolled for making cavalier statement on Balakot Airstrike

PM Modi was badly trolled after he made a illogical statement on Balakot strikes during a interview with private media. Wen a journalist asked what was on his mind when he gave orders for the strike, PM Modi said, “It was raining heavily and a thought about air strike crossed my mind”.Experts were thinking if we should carry out the airstrikes some other day due to bad weather. But I said, there’s so much cloud cover, it’s raining... there’s a benefit. Maybe we can escape their radar. This was my raw wisdom, I said there could be a benefit. Ultimately I said, there’s cloud cover, please go ahead”.


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SP-BSP is incapable of handling ‘hooligans’, how will they handle terrorism: PM Modi

PM Modi launched a scathing attack at SP-BSP alliance, said that both the parties are incapable of controlling ’road side goons’ in the state, so how would they be able to handle national issue like Terrorism.

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Modi drew embarrassment to forces which they don’t deserve: Mehbooba Mufti over Balakot Airstrike

Former J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti slammed PM Modi for embarrassing the Armed forces for making the ‘cloud’ statement on Balakot Airstrike. She said she was ‘raked on coals’ for questioning the truth of Balakot Airstrike. Mufti tweeted, “I was raked over the coals for questioning veracity of Balakot strikes. But seeing Pak media & journos troll PM on cloud gaffe is awfully embarrassing. BJPs ability to suspend logic in its quest to win another term is mind numbingly fatuous. Our armed forces don’t deserve this”.

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