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TMC is engaging into violence out of frustration: Prakash Javadekar

BJP Union Minister Prasad Javadekar spoke out about past incidents Hooliganism and vandalism in West Bengal. Javadekar said TMC is “feeling the heat” as BJP is getting more votes. He said TMC is indulging into violence because of frustration of losing election.

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PM Modi is playing dirty politics over the gang rape of Dalit Alwar woman: Mayawati.

BSP Supremo clashed with Modi over the gang rape of a Dalit woman from Alwar. She said the PM Modi is playing dirty politics over it. Further she affirmed that her party will take possible actions against the perpetrators. Earlier the Modi said that Mayawati is ‘shedding crocodile tears by making only statements’.

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Dabbawalas from Maharashtra gifts Lord Hanuman locket to New born Royal baby Archie

Mumbai’s Dabbawalas are sending gifts to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new born baby Archie. They are gifting anklets, waistband and a pendant with lord Hanuman’s idol. Dabbawalas said, “Lord Hanuman is a symbol of strength and intellect and we want baby Archie to absorb these good characteristics”.


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