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Chennai: Customs officers seizes 1.6 kg gold worth INR 59 lakh at airport

In Tamil Nadu, Chennai City, customs officers at Anna International Airport seized 1,6 kg of gold worth INR 59 lakh in two different incidents. Nasim (49), who had arrived from Dubai via Colombo, was intercepted at the exit in the first incident. Officials recovered gold eyelets hidden in the shoes and gold wires hidden inside the ball pens from his possession. Total gold weighing 231 grams worth INR 8.6 lakh. In the second incident, five people arrived at the airport from Colombo were inspected by the officers and later they confessed to having hidden gold in the form of rubber paste in the rectum, after which the officers seized 1.36 kg of gold worth INR 50.4 lakh. Src: https://bit.ly/34Vjfkj

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Tamil Nadu: Customs official seize supplements, cigarettes worth Rs 34 lakh at Chennai Airport

In Tamil Nadu's Chennai city, the Customs officials have seized bodybuilding supplements and cigarettes worth Rs 34 lakh from three passengers at the Chennai International Airport. As per media reports, the passengers have been identified as Boom Murugan, Mohd. Ali, and Hariharan, who were travelling by a Sri Lankan flight UL 127. As per the police, the passengers were intercepted at the exit of arrival hall on suspicion of carrying gym health supplements worth Rs 33 lakh, while slim cigarettes worth Rs 1 lakh were also recovered by the officials. The passengers stated that the goods were handed over to them by a friend in Dubai under instructions to hand over the same to an unknown person outside the airport, but no one approached them even after waiting for a long time outside the airport. Src: https://bit.ly/2mp90Ud