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Sardar Patel was ready to give Kashmir to Pakistan: Kapil Sibal

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal stirred controversy in Rajya Sabha when he said that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was ready to give Kashmir to Pakistan. Further, he questioned the government why it did not discuss (Reorganisation) Bifurcation bill of J&K in two territories with the stakeholders. "Today, we should think about why we are here and what should democracy involve. I know the Bill will be passed as you have manufactured a majority; therefore, we can do nothing about it. While you call this a historic moment, the only history will judge whether it was historic or not,” Sibal said. Src:https://bit.ly/2yFZBdW

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The decision of leaders to reject Pakistan was wrong: Mehbooba Mufti

After Home Minister Amit Shah announced that Article 370 was scrapped from the Indian constitution, which gives special status to Jammu & Kashmir, former Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti shared a video on twitter and said, "Today people of J&K are forced to think that maybe the decision of our leaders to reject Pakistan and join India wasn't right." She further added, "Like thieves, they took away everything that the Parliament had given to the people of J&K". Src: https://bit.ly/2T5V4e6

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Kangana Ranaut praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi for scrapping Article 370

Actor Kangana Ranaut praised the Narendra Modi government's decision to abrogate Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Praising the PM, Kangana wrote that a very bright future is in store for the nation. Sharing her statement on social media, she wrote that “Scrapping of article 370 was long due, it is a historic step in the direction of a terrorism-free nation. I congratulate the entire Bharat including J&K on this historic day, we are together looking at a very bright future.” Kangana has supported the Prime Minister on several occasions in the past. Src: https://bit.ly/31datfs

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Will Not Accept Anyone With Bad Behaviour in BJP: PM Modi

BJP's membership drive will be propelled by PM Narendra Modi on July 6 from Varanasi. According to the party sources, Modi told the party MP that anyone with their behaviour carries a bad name to the organization, will not be accepted. Modi's statements came after the arrest of Akash Vijayvargiya for allegedly attacking a government official with a cricket bat. As per the Pralhad Joshi (Parliamentary Affairs Minister), PM Modi advised the party MPs to ensure their presence in Parliament during the ongoing session and added that they ought to dedicate themselves to people's service. Src: https://bit.ly/327hwYC

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