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New Delhi experiences tremors of a 6.3 magnitude earthquake

Earthquake of a 6.3 magnitude originated in Afghanistan at 5:09 pm and its tremors were felt for over a minute in many parts of North India including New Delhi and its adjoining areas. Many people ran outside their homes and offices in Delhi as well. Though there was no immediate report of any loss of life or property due to the earthquake, the intensity of the tremors was such that that ceiling fans and chandeliers were seen wildly swinging in videos posted on Twitter. Src: https://bit.ly/2s7Ha1V


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386 million years old tree fossils found in New York

Scientists have found the fossils of trees in Hudson Valley, New York. These fossils are said to be around 386 million years old. The scientists say that these trees date back to the era when the earth’s surface was observing a transition between having no forests, to having large areas covered with trees. According to the scientists, this finding can help in studying the evolution of the plants and trees and how they started drawing CO2 from the atmosphere. Src: https://bbc.in/2Z5V7tu


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Will seize properties of those who indulge in violence, Yogi Adityanath warns protesters

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath gave a strict warning to the protesters demonstrating the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and stated that the authorities will seize the properties of those who indulge in violence in the state. Adityanath further accused the Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP) of misleading people on the CAA. Adityanath's warning comes in the backdrop of fierce protests that broke out in Lucknow on Thursday in which protesters demonstrating against the CAA pelted stones, torched vehicles and faced tear-gas shells in Lucknow and some parts of the state as police struggled to control the consequences of the amended citizenship law. Src: https://bit.ly/34D3Qof

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Are demonstrators protesting over CAA well informed about the Act?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah alleged that the opposition parties are spreading “falsehood” about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) among the students which is erupting violence in the states. He claimed that Congress, Trinamool Congress, and AAP are behind misleading the students. Do you think the partial or wrong information on the Citizenship Amendment Act is escalating the protest in the country?