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Kamal Nath takes swipe at Opposition leader after he tries to buy Congress leaders

Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath attacked opposition leader Gopal Bhargav for trying to buy 10 Congress leader to collapse their government in the state. Hitting hard at Gopal Bhargav, Kamal Nath said, ”May be he was unaware of welfare schemes implemented by our govt..within 73 days we have completed 85 promises. Most important decision was to waive off farmers loan..we have waived off 21 lakh farmers loan”.

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Pakistan Rupees hits All Time Low against USD

On Monday, Pakistani rupee value kept falling again and again and reached till the all-time low against Dollars in the currency exchange. It was stopped at 153 Pakistani rupees against One USD. The State Bank of Pakistan said that they were watching the foreign exchange market closely and would act in the case of “unwarranted” volatility.


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"Siddaramaiah not doing well at his post" - H Vishwanath

JD(S) president H.Vishwanath, adding fuel to the fierce fighting in the ruling coalition in Karnataka state, said, "I am not only talking about Siddaramaiah. As a chief, Siddaramaiah should take both parties together and it is very important to implement the common minimum programme. We still haven't understood the policies, rules and regulations of the coalition. Who will write? It should be the president".

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NCP leader to join Shiv Sena after exit poll prediction

After the Exit polls prediction favoured NDA’s win, candidates from opposition parties are willing to join NDA alliance. One of them is NCP leader Jaydutt Kshirdagar, who is about to join Shiv Sena today. The leader expressed his discontent with the party for ignoring him.


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