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Shikhar Dhawan's absence will put more pressure on Rohit Sharma, says Harbhajan Singh

A thumb fracture to the left-handed opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan has put the Indian Cricket team in a huge disadvantage. On this Former Indian Cricketer, Harbhajan Singh said that "Well, I don't know if Rohit will be too worried but I think Shikhar's absence will just add a little more responsibility on his shoulders to do even better. We will have to wait and watch how well he gels with Rahul. But Shikhar not being there will definitely end up putting more responsibility and pressure on Rohit's shoulders to do better."

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BHRANT DANDOUTIYA voted "Rishabh Pant" @BhrantKumarDandouti 16 Jun 2019 At 01:52 PM

After Shikhar Dhawan's injury, Who do you think will bat at the no. 4 in today's match against Pakistan?

Shikhar Dhawan was injured in the 2nd match of India against Australia. Hence KL Rahul had to be promoted to bat in the openings. This vacant place at number 4 will be filled by whom in today's match. Chose your prediction in the poll, or write your opinion in the comment section.

Vijay Shankar


Rishabh Pant


Dinesh Karthik


BHRANT DANDOUTIYA voted "Bhuvneshwar Kumar" @BhrantKumarDandouti 16 Jun 2019 At 01:53 PM

Who will take the highest number of wickets in today's match between India and Pakistan?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match #22 will be played between India and Pakistan, today at Manchester, England. In the tournament, our Indian Bowlers have performed phenomenally and making the opponent batsman cripple down. Who do you think will take the most of the wickets?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar


Jasprit Bumrah


Kul-Cha Jodi (Kuldeep and Chahal)


Mohammad Amir


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Don't tweet your plans without doing your homework: PM Modi directs Ministers

PM Narendra Modi during the first meeting of the council of ministers said that a few leaders have the habit of giving some message to the nation every day, which they should avoid doing. A Union Minister stated, "PM Modi's message says that we should not just jump to make observations or announce plans without doing the homework. He needs everybody to put full effort to achieve targets and deliver the premises we have made." The sources said that PM indicated that ministries should have an integrated dashboard of the plans and projects so that ministers can get updated information at the click of a mouse.

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