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Bhagwat Panigrahi doesn't stand with @rammadhav @BhagwatPanigrahi 19 Apr 2019 At 01:05 PM

Sadhvi Pragya is the right Challenger for a person like Digvijay: Ram Madhav

BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav attacked Congress leader Digvijay Singh by saying that Sadhvi Pragya is a ‘perfect’ challenger for him to fight in the Lok Sabha polls. Speaking to media, Madhav said, “Saffron or Hindu terror is a term created by UPA govt. There is no such thing like that”. Defending Sadhvi Pragya, Madhav said, "Some people were wrongfully jailed, the court is looking in the matter. Nobody can question us on the constitutional validity of fielding candidate who has an allegation against her".

I stand with @rammadhav

I stand with @rammadhav

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