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Haryana: Police seize over Rs 1.33 Cr cash from a car

In Haryana's Chandigarh city, the police have seized illegal cash around Rs 1.33 Cr from a car which was stopped during a blockade in Gurugram and this is the biggest cash seizure done by the police ahead of the assembly elections in the state. Joint Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Inder Jeet said acknowledged that the Income Tax Department, Police Department, and Excise Department have seized liquor, intoxicant, and illegal cash to the tune of Rs 23,52,13,408. Jeet added that across the State, around 482 police check posts have been set up by the Police Department, to ensure law and order during the elections and no disturbance is created by any anti-social elements. The elections will start on October 21. Src: https://bit.ly/2J6rZM1

Censorship threat for Netflix and Amazon: Media Sources

Online streaming platform -Netflix and Amazon are facing censorship problems. As per India's law, it does not allow censorship of content on the increasingly popular online streaming platforms. The Government had received many petitions and complaint to the police regarding some content that was hurting religious sentiment or was an obstacle. Earlier, their rival Hotstar had signed a self-regulation code while Amazon stated that they do not need to sign and they find current laws adequate. As per a media report, the government officials stated that the self-regulation isn’t the same for all, which is raising a concern and the government will find a solution for the same. Do you think online content should have censorship? Src: https://reut.rs/2qppkGG


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Man from Tamil Nadu seeks protection from family for marrying a TransWoman

38- year old Tamil Nadu man- Basheer faces assault threats from his family after marrying a trans woman- Kalki. After 6 months of a serious relationship, the couple decided to marry to which the family revolted by filing a complaint immediately. Before one week of the marriage, the family took Basheer to the station accusing him of stealing items from the house for his to be- wife. They proceeded with the wedding anyway. But the family didn’t take it well which further resulted in assault threats from them. Do you think the police should provide protection to Basheer against his family? Src: https://bit.ly/2oRJIje


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311 illegal Indian migrants deported by Mexico, come back to Delhi

Mexico immigration authorities had sent back 311 illegal Indian migrants which include 310 men and one woman back to the country, Delhi after they were caught entering to the United States. According to a media report, the USA government had asked Mexico to take more effort to check people who are crossing the border. The USA Government had considered this move as a strong message to the human smugglers who tried to enter the USA. The National Institute of Migration of Mexico(INM) had stated that there was no example in its history of the trans-Atlantic deportation where such a large number of people had been deported by air. Src: https://bit.ly/32rSXFq

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