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BROTHERHOOD Trust doesn't stand with @BanTikTok @BROTHERHOODTrust 10 Jul 2019 At 07:01 AM

Mumbai: TikTok 'influencers' in trouble for circulating video on Jharkhand lynching

Mumbai Police registered an FIR against a group of people who identify themselves as TikTok ‘influencers’ for allegedly circulating a video on the Jharkhand mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari on TikTok. In the video, five people can be heard saying, "You may have killed Tabrez Ansari (mob lynching victim), but tomorrow if his son takes revenge, don't say that all Muslims are terrorists". Even though TikTok has removed the video and suspended the accounts of the accused, the video is insensitive and hurtful to the sentiments of an entire community. Src:https://bit.ly/2G5d56W

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BROTHERHOOD Trust stand with @DoggieTheApp @BROTHERHOODTrust 30 Jun 2019 At 01:04 AM

Mumbai startup DoggieTheApp is planning to leave a huge mark in the Pet Industry

The Mumbai based startup named Doggie The App is taking a huge step in the pet industry. The app as of now allows users who wish to get a new pet for themselves by connecting the pet service providers to the users. It also helps users to get a pet for a shorter time by using its ‘home-boarding’ feature. DoggieTheApp isn’t just limited until the dogs, as it serves more than 7000 pets. Src: https://bit.ly/2XhdNc3

BROTHERHOOD Trust stand with @CCI @BROTHERHOODTrust 30 Jun 2019 At 01:04 AM

Google appears to have leveraged Android dominance: Competition Commission of India

Recently the multinational tech giant, Google has been accused of tilting the point of dominance in their direction by pre-installing the Google Apps on manufactured devices. Google forced manufacturers to pre-install ‘Google Search’, ‘Google Chrome’ and Google Play app store on Android devices. This pre-installation tilts them towards dominance and gives an unfair advantage. Before India, Europe had accused and fined $ 5 billion to the tech giant Google for forcing manufacturers to pre-install its apps on Android devices. Src: https://bit.ly/2xmkEBC

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BROTHERHOOD Trust stand with @SumanKumari @BROTHERHOODTrust 29 Jun 2019 At 09:35 PM

Kolkata: National level boxer assaulted and thrashed, 3 arrested

In Kolkata's Mominpur area, Police have arrested three men after National level boxer Suman Kumari has alleged that she was assaulted and thrashed by an unknown man and filed a complaint. Suman further took it on Facebook, where she wrote that she had been verbally and physically abused by youth and claimed that a policeman was witness to the entire episode yet he didn't help her. She further stated, "Still I have enough faith in Kolkata Police. So I request them to look into the matter and restore Law and Order as much as possible. Then only the beloved city will be safer for women." Src: https://bit.ly/2ZWEK1q

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