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Indian Railways to spend INR 18,000 Cr to run trains at 160 kmph

Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav, after inaugurating the International Rail Conference-2019, stated that the railways will implement an INR 18,000 Cr project to operate trains at a speed of 160 kmph on the busy Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata routes by upgrading infrastructure. Yadav added that once the project begins, it will take at least four years to complete. He included that upgrade includes fencing, upgrade of track and signalling, and elimination of unmanned level-crossings. Src: https://bit.ly/2BBG8fM

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Facebook to launch a dedicated news tab on its platform

Facebook is planning to launch a dedicated news tab on its platform for its users. As per media reports, Facebook is in talks with top media houses to offer as much as USD 3 million for the rights to distribute content on its upcoming news tab. Mark Zuckerberg in his recent post, expressed that it's important that people get reliable news and find solutions that help journalists around the world do their important work. Earlier last week, Zuckerberg stressed that his platform has now turned into a 'Fifth Estate' in the world alongside traditional news media and people no longer have to depend on traditional gatekeepers in politics or media to make their voices heard. Src: https://bit.ly/2qzhGcS

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Siachen open for the tourism, has great potential to attract tourists: Rajnath Singh

A piece of great news for adventure enthusiasts comes up as Siachen, the highest battlefield of the world is now open for the tourists to visit. The Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the place carries a great potential for tourism activity to carry on. Singh also said that better connectivity and transport facilities will attract a large number of tourists. The decision was taken on the view of people taking more interest in the army life and to make our people aware of hardships faced by our soldiers posted to protect the territory from intrusions, in the conditions which are considered to be extremely hard for human survival. Do you think this move is good for tourism and to pay the due respect our soldiers should get? Src: https://bit.ly/2J7BVov

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India's 5G Network to be huge in the long run, says Chinese Govt book

The book, compiled by the Chinese government-run Chinese Academy of Cyberspace Studies (CACS) on the worldwide state of the internet predicted that The Indian 5G market will be “enormous” in the long run released on Sunday. CACS has critically analysed the internet sector in India, calling it “world’s second-largest telecommunications market after China with 295 million out of its 400 million-plus urban population using mobile phones to access the internet”. the book further also claims a rapid growth in the number of internet users in the Indian population in the past 5 years thus prompting the investors and IT professions to see India as the “billion-person market after China”. Do you think the coming years of telecom industry of India will see extraordinary boom? Src: https://bit.ly/32ufFN4

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