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"Congress advices all leaders after Sam Pitroda's 1984 remark" - Congress asks leaders to be sensitive

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surajwala said "Violence and riots are unacceptable and indefensible in our society. Any opinion or remark made by any individual to the contrary, including Sam Pitroda, is not the opinion of the Congress party. We advise all leaders to be cautious and sensitive.

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"Sam Pitroda's views on 1984 Sikh riots mirrors Congress outlook" - PM Modi

PM Modi on the anti-Sikh riots issue, said "This mirrors Congress's outlook. They have done this for a quite long time. This has been their image from the earliest starting point. This is the reason Rajiv Gandhi had said 'when a big tree falls, the earth shakes'."

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"Thousands of Sikhs were killed, but the Congress says 'so what'?" - PM Modi slams Congress

PM Modi said "Yesterday one of the biggest Congress pioneer stated, "so what if the 1984 riots happened". This pioneer is one of the biggest confidantes of the Gandhi family, he was a close companion of Rajiv Gandhi and a guru for Rahul Gandhi. He attaches no value to the lives of people. Several Sikhs were burnt after throwing petrol and diesel on them, burning tires were put around their necks and Congress is stating 'so what'."

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