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She's elder to me, I'll always be her junior: Ranu Mondal on Lata's remark

Ranu Mondal, who has earned millions of hearts by her voice has recently reacted over Lata Mangeshkar's "imitation is not a reliable and durable companion for success" remark. Mondal in her words, said, “Lata ji ki umar ke hisab se mai choti thi, hu aur aage ja kar bhi rahungi.. Bachpan se unka awaz pasand hai. (As far age is concerned, I was younger to her and will always remain her junior. I have loved Lataji’s voice since childhood).” Src: https://bit.ly/2kLts1c

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A week left for ISRO to reestablish contact with lander Vikram

Hopes are fading since our Lander Vikram, has lost the communication with ground-station early on September seven during its final descent, just 2.1 km above the lunar surface. Sincere efforts to restore the communications have been going on since then. Moreover a team at ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network has been trying to restore the link with the lander as well. Media reports suggested that the lander was designed to execute a soft-landing on the lunar surface, and the rover has a mission life of one Lunar day, which is equivalent to 14 earth days -- that means ISRO now has just over a week to bring Vikram back to life. Src: http://bit.ly/2ZQWY8n

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Delhi: A truck driver challaned Rs 2,00,500 under New Motor Vehicle Act

After the new Motor Vehicle Act was imposed in the country, many incidents have reported where the drivers were fined more than the price of their vehicle they are riding. In recent time one more incident has occurred in which a truck driver identified as Ram Kishan was issued a Rs 2,00,500 challan for overloading near Mukarba Chowk situated in Delhi. After the amendment to the MV Act, the penalty for overloading was increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 20,000. The charges for the extra weight were also increased from Rs 1,000 per tonne to Rs 2,000 per tonne. Do you stand with amended Motor Vehicle Act? Src: https://bit.ly/2mcCtk9

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'With such ministers, only God can fix economy': Jairam Ramesh

Recently Congress leader Jairam Ramesh took a swap at Union Minister Piyush Goyal for his comments that maths did not help Albert Einstein discover gravity while speaking on the government's target of USD 5 trillion economy. Taking the matter to social media, He tweeted, “Yes, Mr. Minister. Einstein did not need maths to discover gravity since Newton already had. Now wait for HRD Minister to say that long before Newton our ancients knew all about gravity (or has he already?) With such ministers, only God can #FixTheEconomy” Src: https://bit.ly/2mfnjL7

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