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"Not even 50 hours of tapasya" - Priyanka Gandhi on PM's comment

Priyanka Gandhi said " If Modi had done even 50 hours of tapasya, he would not have made such hate-filled remarks. Priyanka reaction was to a question over Modi's remark when he said it was 45 years of tapasya, not the Khan Market gang or Lutyen's club that had added to his picture.

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"India lives in my heart & I salute Tiranga" - Robert Vadra after being trolled over Paraguay flag

Robert Vadra wrote "India lives in my heart and I salute Tiranga. Utilizing a Paraguay banner in my post was only an abnormality. I realize that all of you realize it was posted unintentionally. however, you choose to play up my mix-up when there are such glaring issues to be examined. It disheartens me, yet it doesn't mind!! My best wishes..."

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"PM-Kisan, to cover all agricultural households, if returns to power." - NDA

Two NDA official with knowledge said "The PM's office had this month asked various department head and secretaries to draw up a policy agenda for the next government's initial 100 days. The agriculture ministry proposed extending the inclusion of PM-Kisan as a component of its proposition to be practised in the initial 100 days of the following government. One of the official cited above said "Universal coverage of PM-Kisan among farmers is also a key manifesto promise of the BJP. A presentation before the PMO is on schedule."

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"It's your turn now" - Gautam Gambhir urges voters in Delhi

Gautam Gambhir urged voters in Delhi to cast their ballot on Sunday in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha election. Gambhir tweeted "Done my bit!! It's your turn now.. #Go Vote Delhi."

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