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Should school students get extra time to complete exam papers?

Recently the Tamil Nadu govt announced to increase the time limit allocated to complete exam papers by half n hour for 10, 11 & 12th students of state school. Now the students are likely to get 3 hours to write in board exam and 10 mins to read question paper. This move is taken to improve quality of graduating students for their better future. Considering the heavy academic courses, do you think other state govt too should take similar step? Comment below!

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Only two firecracker "anar" and "phuljhari will be legal this Diwali

Recently, there was news of firecracker ban this Diwali to control pollution, now the Supreme Court has legalized two firecrackers for Diwali and they are anar and phulijhari. The anar and phulijhari are green and are silent whereas firecrackers like a rocket, bombs which make noise are legally banned now. The government claims the green crackers emit 30 per cent less air pollution Do you support the Supreme court's move? Src: https://bit.ly/31DHMZ4

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Processed milk failed quality test: FSSI Study

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) had tested milk in which many major brand had failed in quality test and safety standards. According to a media report, FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal said that more than adulteration, contamination was a serious problem as substances such as Aflatoxin-M1, antibiotics and pesticides were found more in the processed milk samples. Agarwal added that the regulator had directed the organised dairy sector to strictly comply with the quality norms and put in place 'testing and inspection' at entire value chain by January 1, 2020. Src: https://cutt.ly/QedBlAk

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Maharashtra: PMC bank crisis took another life

Recently, the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative bank (PMC) took another life. This time it was 70-year-old man,identified as murlidhar Dharra. As per the media report, Dharra was a cardiac patient and was suffering from the same since long time . In addition to this reports have also claimed , Dharra's neighbours stated that he was in an urgent need of a money for his bypass surgery but he was unable to access his savings due to the current situation of PMC bank. Earlier, three persons have lost their lives due to the similar issue. Src: https://cutt.ly/VedBqB2

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