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"Modi-led government served its tenure without a single curfew or riot" - Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman said "Our country under the leadership of PM Modi is secure. We don't settle on anything identified with psychological warfare. We pursue the standard of no resistance and dependent on that, whatever means must be taken by us, are taken. Throughout the most recent five years, PM Modi government ran the nation with no curfews and mobs. Be it interior or the issue on the border, or any issue Pakistan has with us since 1947, we have returned to that"

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"If coal mafia allegations prove wrong, Modi to do 100 sit-ups" - Mamata challenges PM Modi

Mamata Banerjee said "I challenge you (Modi), if you can prove your allegations that even one of us is part of coal mafia, I will withdraw all my 42 candidates. If you are lying, you have to hold your ears and do a hundred sit-ups in front of the public."

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"India will never forgive 'Murderer Congress' for its sins" - Amit Shah

Amit Shah hits out on Sam Pitroda's remark on 1984 anti-Sikh riots and tweeted "Agony of the entire Sikh community. Sufferings of all those Sikh families killed by Congress leaders in 1984. Attack on Delhi's secular ethos. All summed up in these three words by Sam Pitroda - Hua To Hua. India will never forgive #MudererCongress for its sins."

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"I would like PM Modi to focus on real issues and not divert attention" - Sam Pitroda reject's Phoolka's claims on Rajiv Gandhi's involvement

Sam Pitroda rejected the allegations made by senior advocate HS Phoolka that instructions to kill during the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 came directly from the PM Rajiv Gandhi's office and said "It's wrong and I would like PM Modi to focus on real issues and not divert attention. I want PM to realize that Rajiv Gandhi gave his life for the country. His mother Indira Gandhi gave her life for the country. Who are all these people trying to criticise them?"

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