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Amit Saroj doesn't stand with @SarfarazAhmed @AmitSaroj 23 Jun 2019 At 12:10 PM

Yawning is normal, did not commit a crime, says Sarfaraz Ahmed

Pakistan Cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed has finally reacted to his sluggish gesture during the match against India. In his words, he said, "Yawning is a normal thing to do, I didn't commit a sin. If people made money out of me yawning, that's a good thing". After this incident, Sarfaraz is being criticized a lot.

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Amit Saroj reacted Sad @AmitSaroj 23 Jun 2019 At 12:10 PM

MS Dhoni got stumped for only the second time in his ODI career!

Former Indian Skipper MS Dhoni who is famous worldwide for his lightning-fast stumpings has recently got dismissed via stumping 2nd time in his entire Cricket career. In the 45th over of Rashid Khan, MS stepped out to hit it hard but missed it sadly. The ball which was fast outside off, turned sharply away from him, resulting in wicketkeeper Ikram Alikhil stumping him out for only the second time in ODIs.


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Virat Kohli's captaincy was good vs Afghanistan, he didn't panic at any point: Sachin Tendulkar

The World renowned Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar lauded the Indian captain Virat Kohli after his match-winning performance against Afghanistan. He said "I thought Virat's captaincy was good, the best part was at no stage he looked panicked or confused. When there were dot balls being bowled he also knew Afghanistan was sinking slowly but surely". Indeed Virat Kohli's captaincy is much better in the ICC CWC tournament than in the IPL says many hardcore cricket fans.

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Riteish Deshmukh supported Sarfaraz Ahmed on the body shaming saga

Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh has taken it to twitter and lashed out at the people who are giving a hard time to Pakistan Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed. In his tweet, he said "Every captain in history has lost an important match. #SarfarazAhmed doesn’t deserve this. This is harassment... for heaven’s sake he is with his child." Indeed Indian actor feels sad for Pak skipper Sarfaraz. Let us know by your vote whether he deserves it or not?

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