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Alex Arul stand with @RahulGandhi @AlexArul 16 Apr 2019 At 06:32 AM

"I was inspired by Narendra Modi's false promise" - Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that funds for his party's 'Nyay' minimum income guarantee scheme will come from the pockets of fugitives like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi. And added that "I was inspired by Narendra Modi's false promise of giving Rs 15 lakh to every Indian".

I stand with @RahulGandhi

I stand with @RahulGandhi

101 votes

I don’t

310 votes

Alex Arul doesn't stand with @urmilamatondkar @AlexArul 16 Apr 2019 At 06:32 AM

"This is just the beginning and may take a violent turn" - Urmila Matondkar seeks police protection.

Actor-turned-politician Urmila Matondkar approached police for protection after a clash between Congress and BJP supporters during her poll campaign in North Mumbai. Matondkar said that she has lodged the police complaint about her safety and was shocked by the "blatant violation" of model code of conduct by the workers of the ruling party and blamed the BJP for "creating fear". She further added that "Those who confronted our rally indulged in vulgar dancing and used abusive language. Maybe they wanted to scare the women who were walking near us".

I stand with @urmilamatondkar

I stand with @urmilamatondkar

31 votes

I don’t

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Alex Arul voted "Yes" @AlexArul 16 Apr 2019 At 06:31 AM

Is Rahul Gandhi capable enough to be PM of India?

2019 elections are just a few days away. Citizen needs to vote and choose a new government. Tell us, what do you think about opposition leader Rahul Gandhi? Vote 'YES' or 'NO' by choosing below buttons and share this poll with your circles

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Alex Arul voted "@rahulgandhi" @AlexArul 17 Apr 2019 At 08:55 PM

Whom do you want to see as the Prime Minister of India in 2019?

Will it be Raga or Modi? Share this poll in your circle and know their views.