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Researchers create Bird-like robot that may someday explore Mars

Researchers at Caltech's Centre for Autonomous Systems and Technology has created a newly-unveiled machine that they've dubbed Leonardo, which stands for "LEg ON Aerial Robotic DrOne". As per media reposts, part bipedal robot, part aerial robot, the hybridised machine was inspired by birds' ability to move between flight and walking on two legs. Two powerful robots on the machines' torso allow it to leave the ground when it's convenient or regain balance by using thrust to shift its weight as needed. Professor Morteza Gharib, who co-developed Leonardo with Caltech robotics Soon-Jo Chung, stated that future versions could be used to navigate the harsh terrain found on other planets like Mars. Src: https://bit.ly/2M602Wy


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Moody's Investors Service predicts India to have declined growth rate of 5.8 % in fiscal year 2019-20

Recently Moody’s investor's services predicted that India will have growth rate at 5.8% during the fiscal year that began in April. Earlier in August, the company had forecast the growth rate that stood at 6.2 %. According to a media report, India’s growth fell to a six-year low of 5% in the April-June quarter due to weak consumer demand of products and services, prompting the central bank to cut its 2019-20 growth forecast to 6.1% last week from 6.9%. The global rating agency said, ” Compared with only two years ago, the probability of sustained real GDP growth at or above 8% has significantly diminished”. It further added, “A prolonged period of slower nominal GDP growth not only constrains the scope for fiscal consolidation but also keeps the government debt burden higher for longer compared” Do you think govt should take major step to boost the economy? comment below Src:https://reut.rs/2OBrZqB


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Nobel laureate Michel Mayor said, “Humans will never migrate to another planet”

In a conference Nobel laureate, Michel Mayor was asked about the possibility of humans moving to other planets in which he stated, ” If we are talking about exoplanets, things should be clear: we will not migrate there,". He further added, “These planets are much, much too far away. Even in the very optimistic case of a livable planet that is not too far, say a few dozen light-years, which is not a lot, it's in the neighbourhood, the time to go there is considerable”. Do you think in the near future humans can move to another planet? Src: https://bit.ly/2Mxj9Ye

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Noida: Woman accuses Amazon delivery man of hypnotising and attempting to rape her

In Noida, a woman accused an Amazon delivery boy of hypnotising her and attempting to rape her. The accused was called to collect the boxes which the victim wanted to return, the accused refused to take all boxes and which led to an argument between them. After that, the victim called customer care and asked to collect the boxes, on which the customer care assured her that they will take back the boxes. When the victim came to tell the accused about the phone call that time the accused hypnotised her and tried to rape her. The woman regained her consciousness and threw broom at him. The police have arrested the accused and registered a case under Section 376 (rape) and Section 511 (punishment for attempting to commit offences punishable with imprisonment for life) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Src:https://bit.ly/324XNZ5

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