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A Woman dies of cardiac arrest due to PMC bank crisis, 5th person to took their lives

Recently, in Maharashtra’s Solapur, a woman identified as Bharti Sadarangani died of cardiac arrest due to the stress of the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative(PMC) Bank crisis. According to a media report, Sadarangani was under stress because of her savings in the bank which was worth INR 2.25 crore and her daughter was an account holder in the bank. Sadarangani is the fifth person who took her life because of the PMC bank crisis Do you think the Government should think for another move for PMC account holder? Src: https://bit.ly/33Ssam2

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India-Switzerland to work together in the Railway Transport Sector: Ministry of Railways

Ministry of Railways, in a statement on Tuesday, said that India and Switzerland have decided to collaborate in the Railway Transport Sector. The countries will join hands to work for freight and passenger cars, electrification equipment, multimodal transport system and tunneling technology. This decision was taken after the Railway Ministry led By Piyush Goyal held a joint meeting with the delegates of Swiss Transport Ministry and officials from the Swiss Companies. Do you think this move will upgrade the railway facilities in India? Src: https://bit.ly/31AEHsO

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AAP ministers and Arvind Kejriwal spent INR 50 lakh public money on family’s medical treatment: Kapil Mishra exposes via RTI reply

Recently, BJP leader Kapil Mishra quoted a Right to Information Act in which it was stated that Aam Aadmi Party minister and Arvind Kejriwal has spent a huge amount of INR 50 lakh public money on medical treatment for their families. Do you think access to RTI is the right thing for any minister? Src: https://bit.ly/2N9CQpI

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Only two firecracker "anar" and "phuljhari will be legal this Diwali

Recently, there was news of firecracker ban this Diwali to control pollution, now the Supreme Court has legalized two firecrackers for Diwali and they are anar and phulijhari. The anar and phulijhari are green and are silent whereas firecrackers like a rocket, bombs which make noise are legally banned now. The government claims the green crackers emit 30 per cent less air pollution Do you support the Supreme court's move? Src: https://bit.ly/31DHMZ4

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