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Japan’s annual bizarre festival requires everyone to be naked

In a bizarre event that took place in Japan’s Honshu Island on Saturday, in which the number of people were seen braving the chilly weather to take part in the annual Naked Festival. As per the media reports, the event dubbed as ‘Hadaka Matsuri’ in Japanese is an annual festival which is celebrated every third Saturday of February at the temple Saidaiji Kannonin. Thousands of males participated in the event where they were seen sporting a minimal amount of clothing with most of them using a Japanese loincloth called ‘fundoshi’ along with a pair of white socks. Src: https://bit.ly/2HyuKnU


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5-month-old baby girl raped in Uttar Pradesh, died later

In a shocking incident, a five-month-old baby girl was allegedly raped on Sunday night by her relative. Media reports have informed that the child was found late on Sunday night and taken to a hospital where she died during treatment. The victim's mother had come from Hardoi district to attend a wedding on Sunday. The woman's cousin Pappu took the baby to play during the wedding and did not return for some time. When the baby's mother and other family members started looking for Pappu, he was nowhere to be found. Four hours later, the baby was found lying at a short distance from the wedding venue in a critical condition. Src: https://bit.ly/2SR6gLX

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