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Separate lane for emergency vehicles

There should be separate lane for emergency vehicles( Ambulance,Fire brigade etc) in all over India..we can take initiative from Delhi which is capital of India.Every second heart attack patient in India takes more than 400 minutes to reach a hospital, which is almost 13 times more than the ideal window of 30 minutes, government data shows. According to times of India about 146,133 people were killed in road accidents in India in the year 2016. Unfortunately about 30% of deaths are caused due to delayed ambulance.I know it is difficult to do because the roads are not broad enough But we can make separate lane in those areas where Construction of new roads is going on . Also we can learn from Germany... Drivers split down the middle to both sides to create an open lane in the middle of the road to let emergency vehicles through. People should immediately act on hearing the siren instead of looking here and there.There should be a traffic constable to bring all the vehicular traffic to a halt on to the left and right side of the road on hearing siren sound from approaching vehicle so that emergency vehicle can pass from the middle.They must ensure that no body including VIP vehicle is allowed to go ahead overtaking others until the emergency vehicle passes.

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India's most wanted Masood Azhar released from Jail by Pakistan

According to media reports, Islamabad has recently released Jaish e-Mohhamad Chief Masood Azhar to carry out terror attacks. Media reports have suggested that of deploying Pakistani troops and planning for a huge action in Sialkhot- Jammu and Rajasthan in the response of abrogation of article-370 and 35-A. According to Internal Security Expert, Ajay Sahani said, “Pakistan is under tremendous pressure from the international community over terrorism, failing the FATF [Financial Action Task Force] yardsticks, the economic situation, and others, which are limiting its capacity to respond. It is difficult to predict how Pakistan will respond.” Src: https://bit.ly/2m4oZa5


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Hopes fading on re-establishing link with lander Vikram: ISRO scientists

Recently the Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation K Sivan said that "the space agency will try to re-establish the link with Chandrayan 2's Vikram Lander". A senior official of the mission came forward and informed, "Progressively as time goes by it's difficult(to establish link) however, with "right orientation" it can still generate power and recharge batteries with solar panels". But he had also added that "but it looks less and less probable, progressively." Src: https://bit.ly/2k2kL22

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Andhra Pradesh: Cannabis worth Rs 1 Cr seized, One arrested

In Andhra Pradesh's Visakhapatnam city, The Prohibition and Excise (P&E) Department have seized around 815 kg of cannabis worth Rs 1 Cr from a truck in Narsipatnam area. As per the Excise Officer, the department has arrested the driver of the Odisha-registered vehicle. The Officer added that the consignment of the cannabis was being transported from Visakhapatnam to Odisha. Src: https://bit.ly/2lZNjKb