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16-year-old commits suicide after mother scolds him over hairstyle

A class 12th student identified as Srinivasan committed suicide at Valasaravakkam in Chennai on Sunday after his mother scolded him over his hairstyle. The deceased hanged himself in his bedroom while he was alone at his home. According to the police, the boy had been growing his hair for more than 3 months and had refused to cut it short, despite his mother's objection over long hair. Srinivasan’s body has been sent the Government Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital for a post-mortem and the police have registered a case in the matter. Src:


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6-yr-old boy sexually abused, killed in Bharuch

A 25-year-old man has been booked for allegedly sexually abusing and murdering a mere 6-year-old boy in Bharuch situated in Gujarat. As per the media reports, the boy’s parents had approached to the local police station on Saturday night with a missing person complaint. The parents stated that their child went missing from their residence and was nowhere to be found. During the search, the victim was found dead in the wee hours of Sunday inside the bathroom of an empty house in the society where the accused used to live. Currently, the accused is on the run. Src:

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Netaji’s nephew and BJP leader Chandra Bose wants Muslims to be part of CAA

Amid the Citizenship Act, BJP leader and Subhash Chandra Bose’s nephew Chandra Bose urged Centre to grant citizenship to Muslims also. He said that an atmosphere of fear is being created on the issue of citizenship. He further added that just because it was passed in the parliament that does not mean that it cannot be used to suppress people by ignoring the protests. Bose claimed that the law should be the same for everyone. Src:

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All documents of Delhi transport burned after fire broke out in department

Today, a massive fire broke out at the Delhi Transport Department in the civil lines area of Delhi. Deputy Chief Fire Officer informed that all documents related to Delhi Transport Department have been burnt in the fire. The investigation has been started. When the fire broke out, at least 8 fire tenders were rushed to the spot. Src:


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