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"West Bengal is in a state of Emergency" - Hemanta Sarma after BJP's worker Priyanka Sharma's arrest

Hemanta Biswas Sarma has strongly condemned the arrest of BJP's worker Priyanka Sharma. Hemanta said "In India, a person can give critical views about PM, but this is for the first time that for sharing a post against the CM, a young girl has been put in jail. Is it a crime? People will presume that West Bengal is in a state of emergency if these things happen. Even Indira Gandhi wouldn't put anybody behind the bars for writing against her on social media." For sharing a transformed picture of West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee, Priyanka Sharma was arrested on Friday and sent to 14-days police custody.

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The Race for The Orange and Purple Cap

The IPL gives two special colored caps to the highest Run scorer and highest wicket-taker in the season. The Orange Cap (highest run scorer) this Year belonged to Sun Riser Hyderabad's David Warner who has hit 692 Runs with the glorious strike rate of 143 in this season. And the purple cap (highest wicket-taker) of IPL 2019 belongs to Imran Tahir who has taken 26 wickets throughout this season.


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Man in UK jailed for lifetime for stabbing Indian-origin wife 59 times

Lauren Brand, 47 years old man in UK has been sentenced life imprisonment for stabbing his Indian-origin wife Angela Mittal to death in 2018. Angela suffered injuries on neck and chest, died at her home in Berkshire. According to Judge Healther Nortan the husband stabbed knife on his wife over 59 times.


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