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Kerala Govt announces not to implement NPR, to inform Census about it

The Kerala Government has announced that the state will not be implementing the National Population Register (NPR). This comes after the state government passed a resolution in the assembly against the law. The Kerala General Administration Department has informed officials that while sending communications on Census 2021, NPR will not be mentioned in it. The state government said that they will inform Census Registrar General about the decision and the Census will be done as per norms. Src:

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Over 100 lawyers ready to represent woman who held ’Free Kashmir’ placard in CAA protest

More than 100 lawyers have agreed to support Nalini Balakumar, who has been booked for holding a ‘Free Kashmir’ poster during the anti-CAA protest in Mysuru. This came after Mysore Bar Association said that their lawyers would not represent her as she was involved in ‘anti-national activities’. One of the lawyers Jagdish who has submitted her bail’s application said that if someone has done nothing wrong then there should be justice for her. Src:


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82% percent students have registered for winter semester, says JNU V-C Jagadesh Kumar

JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar informed that over 80 percent of students have registered for the winter semester. He further said that out of 85,000 students, 82 percent have cleared their hostel's dues for the upcoming semester. The university will let other students register with a late fee charge. Talking about the on-going situation in the university, he said that the campus is peaceful and there will be a celebration of Republic Day as well. Src:

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches & intentionally destroys the rocket to test escape system

SpaceX has completed the last big test of its crew capsule before launching astronauts. It recently tested an emergency escape shortly after the liftoff on Sunday. The test involved launching its Crew Dragon using a Falcon 9, though without any actual crew on board. The nine-minute flight ended with the Dragon crew capsule parachuting safely into the Atlantic, after separating and speeding away from the exploding rocket. This isn’t the first time SpaceX has demonstrated that its Crew Dragon system is nearly ready for human flight. It performed a successful pad to the abort test in the year 2015. Src:

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