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J&K: Teacher beating students savagely for being late to the school hostel

Recently a brutal case of beating the students ruthlessly in a school hostel of J&K came into the lights. According to the investigations students at Doda boys hostel were beaten up by the teacher allegedly for turning up 10 minutes late. The students belonged to the class of 6, 7 and 8th were thrashed by their teacher with a stick. If such incidents will keep happening the students will get demotivated towards study for sure.

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Odisha CM stands with "One Nation One Election" idea

PM Narendra Modi organised a gathering with the leaders of the political parties to discuss the proposal of 'One Nation One Election' and received blended criticism to the idea. Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik was among those leaders who attended the gathering. Patnaik said, "BJD has always been supportive of whatever is being done in the interest of the country and its people. The idea 'One Nation One Election' will receive full support from the BJD." He further added that the BJD will enhance full support to Women's Reservation both in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections."

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3 Sex Workers Allegedly Gang raped By 9 Men At Noida Farmhouse

Three sex workers were allegedly raped by nine men at a farmhouse in Noida. Seven of the accused have been arrested. The three women were waiting for a client when two men approached them. A deal was struck between them and the women were told to come to Noida as there would be two more men along with the duo. An advance was also paid to them. Later, the women were taken to a farmhouse in sector 135 where seven more men arrived. But the women were frightened and wished to retract. Their refusal was unheeded as they were thrashed by the men and the advance was also forcibly taken. #Rapecultureiswhen #YesAllWomen #sexworkers #IDTEVASW

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4 Day Old Infant Dies On The Hospital Stairs, Amidst Transfer Between Buildings In UP

4 Day Old Infant Dies On The Hospital Stairs, Amidst Transfer Between Buildings In UP A four-day-old newborn died after being shuttled between government hospitals in Bareilly. The UP government has initiated departmental action . Baby Urvashi developed breathing difficulties and was rushed to the hospital, however, the men's hospital deferred the responsibility to the women's wing, and the women's wing lacked beds. After three hours, the dejected parents decided to take her home, but she died on the hospital stairs. A video of an altercation between the two wings where the doctors are trading accusations after the newborn's death has surfaced. Post the ongoing doctors' strike, negligence - not staff shortage - cost Urvashi her life.

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