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Naseeruddin's accusations degrading country's pride: Ramdev

Criticising Naseeruddin Shah for his remark, on Bulandshahr mob violence, that he fears for his children, Baba Ramdev said, "Accusing India of religious intolerance is equal to degrading country's pride." "Naseeruddin Shah has earned his popularity due to love of common people...Labelling one's own country with religious intolerance is akin to ungratefulness, disrespect and treason," he added. Source:

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'Zero' deserves viewing for new grounds it breaks: Anurag

Anurag Kashyap, after watching Shah Rukh Khan's 'Zero', tweeted, "'Zero' deserves a viewing just for so many new grounds it breaks within the mainstream." "And then seeing all the stars getting out of their comfort zones and pushing themselves by breaking the typecasts, breaking the expectations and not playing safe. I really liked the film," he further wrote. Source: Pinkvilla

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What's the difference between you & Islamic terrorists? Sonu to Sona

Singer Sonu Nigam today said, "What's the difference between you and Islamic terrorists?" to singer Sona Mohapatra after she urged Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to cancel Kailash Kher's participation in a government event. "It's kind of terrorism that you're deciding who works with whom," Nigam said. "My right to petition is listed as Fundamental Right in the Constitution," Sona responded. Source: TImes Now

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