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Pakistan Army opens fire at unarmed Pashtuns in Waziristan

Another act of brutality has been committed by Pakistan this time against Pashtuns. The Pakistani Army is accused of opt-out an open fire on poor unarmed protesters who belongs to the Pashtun ethnic minority in the Waziristan region last week. This open fire has taken so many lives. Two MPs of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement were reportedly leading a procession when firing broke out. The Army said it exchanged fire with protesters when they attacked a security post in the northwest, near the Afghan border.


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Quota system

Quota should be given to only the economically backward people and NOT ON THE BASIS OF CASTE. Not all general caste people are economically sound. The general poor people are not getting any benefits and on the other hand many of the sc,st,obc people , who are doing economically much better are still exploiting the quota system. This is wrong . Especially in Serious fields like MEDICAL , quota system should not be allowed.