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The country has decided to make Modi as PM yet again: Amit Shah.

BJP Party President Amit lauded for PM Modi, he said, “The people of Country have decided to re-elect Modi as the Prime Minister for the second time”. “India has got PM who dares to take important decisions”, he added.

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"Opposition leaders are in a race to support Pakistan" - PM Modi

Modi told the gathering "your one vote has made the country strong and changed the outlook of the world towards India in the last five years." Striking the oppositions Modi said, "They always stood in opposition to the country's stand and the opposition leaders are in a race to support Pakistan on the issue of surgical strike, air strike or Doklam dispute with China in 2017." Modi said "We have killed them (terrorists) by entering into their den and whatever we have done is just a trailer. We have to wipe out terrorism from its roots."

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