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Exit polls in favor of NDA appears as if ’foreign power’ is set to attack: Azam Khan

Samajwadi party’s leader Azam Khan known for controversial comments once again gave remarks on Exit poll prediction. He said the exit polls prediction favouring NDA’s win appears as if some foreign power is set to attack the country.

I stand with @AzamKhan

I stand with @AzamKhan

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I don’t

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Bara-Bhangal polling booth recorded 100% voter turnout in the seventh phase of Lok Sabha elections.

One of the remotest areas in Himachal Pradesh, The Bara-Bhangal polling booth have recorded 100% voter turnout in the seventh and last phase of Lok Sabha elections on Sunday. At the height of 2,575 meters located deep in the Himalayas. Baijnath assistant returning officer Rameshwar Das said that all 126 voters, which includes 60 women, who were present in the village exercised their franchise, as a result, hundred per cent turnout has been recorded.


That's Great

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That's Sad

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"Expect new government to bring petroleum product under the GST regime" - Mukesh K. Surana

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Chairman Mukesh K. Surana, speaking about his expectations from the new government, said "Lots of reforms has been done by this government. As Oil companies are not being under GST, they do not get input credit on fuel products. Our expectation from the new government is to bring petroleum products under the GST regime".

I stand with @MukeshSurana

I stand with @MukeshSurana

33 votes

I don’t

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हम जापान,चीन और जर्मनी जैसे देशौं कि तरह अपनी भाषा पर गर्व करना सीखें। अपनी भाषाएँ बोलने पर गर्व महसूस करें और और अंग्रेजी बोलना छोड़ें।