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19-year-old woman raped thrice in 2 different incidents on the same night in Navi Mumbai

A horrific incident occurred on February 19 in Navi Mumbai where a 19-year-old woman was allegedly raped by three men in two separate incidents within two hours. The incident took place when the woman missed her local train and started walking on the road. Later, she asked the auto driver to drop her to the nearest railway station but the driver took her to an empty building and raped her. After 2 hours, the woman sought help from two men who were riding a scooter but they also took her to an isolated area and raped her. Src:

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26-yr-old Intelligence Bureau officer killed in Delhi violence, dumped in the drain

Amid the violent riots in Delhi, A 26-year-old Intelligence Bureau officer, Ankit Sharma, has been killed in a mob attack in Delhi's Chand Bagh on Tuesday. Sharma's body was found dumped in a drain. As per the reports, the officer was missing since Tuesday evening. This comes as over 20 people, including a policeman, have died and over 250 people have sustained injuries due to the violent clashes in North-East Delhi. Src:


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