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Madhya Pradesh: The state seeks Rs 11,906-crore flood relief package from Centre

Recently Madhya Pradesh government has been through a devastating flood during this monsoon. Statistically, the state has occurred a loss of Rs 11,906 crore, and formally requested the Centre for a flood relief package for the same. Media reports have claimed that the loss figure is based on the initial assessment of the damage caused by heavy rains and subsequent floods which have claimed 225 lives. The official has informed that 36 of the 52 districts have suffered huge losses due to recent floods. Do you stand with the MP government? Let us know your views regarding the same in comments. Src:

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Uttarakhand: 6 dead after allegedly consuming illicit liquor

Recently 6 people have lost their lives and 3 were taken to a hospital after consuming illicit alcohol in Uttarakhand's Dehradun. As per the police officials, it was claimed that "We are trying to find out the exact cause of death. As per the initial information we have received, illicit alcohol could be the reason behind deaths." BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi expressed disappointment over the incident and called for an investigation. The incident recalls of a similar case in February this year in which more than 100 people had died after consuming spurious liquor in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Src:


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Chandigarh: Biker stumped on finding 189 challans pending against him

Recently an incident had been hit where a man Identified as Sanjiv, 21-year-old Chandigarh youth has earned 189 challans on his name. Sanjiv said he was left shocked to know that 189 challans are pending against him. “I have been driving carefully, and more so after the new regulations came into force. I had no clue that these many challans are pending against me.” In addition to this, he further asked a question that “Why did no one ever inform me about these pending challans?” In a similar case in July, a 23-year-old milkman came to know that he has been challaned 36 times for riding without a helmet in seven months. Src:

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I will go for the gold: Amit Panghal not willing to settle for silver

Amit Panghal first Indian male boxer to reach World Championships final has recently said, "I am very happy that for the first time we have won two medals and it is most successful World Championships for India but for me history is still to be made. Tomorrow I will go for the gold." Amit Panghal, who hails from Rohtak has defeated Kazakhstan's Saken Bibissonov and will play the finals against Rio Olympic champion Shakhobidin Zoirov today. Src:

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